Did you know that at least 14% of all of the world’s diseases is attributed to mental illness? My name is Nick Stonestreet and at age 18 I was diagnosed with type 1 bi-polar disorder. I have been in and out of mental hospitals for years trying to figure out how to help myself overcome my illness. After trying all of the recommended pharmaceuticals that nearly took my life, I decided to go in a different direction and understand my body and brain and why it does what it does.

Since then, I have studied how my neurochemistry works and holistic secrets that help to keep it in balance. I have learned the most harmful foods and activities for my brain and body chemistry and how to treat my illness with natural supplements and without pharmaceuticals. I have practiced skills like NLP usage, hypnosis, mindfulness, and meditation for personal and spiritual development.

I now live a whole and happy life in Los Angeles, California using simple daily practices to aid me in keeping my brain chemistry balanced and whole. This site was created to share my knowledge and give back to those that struggle with the same issues and to educate, so that there is no shame or stigma around something so misunderstood. My focal point is to talk about subjects that are a little too taboo for a dinner table discussion, normalize them, and bring a viable solution to the surface without attaching any judgement to the disease. I strive to tell you what I know at no cost so that here you can find valuable resources to help you in your journey through life, as these resources have helped and given me so much more than I could have ever imagined.