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How To Stop Eating Sugar & Feel Great!

Sugar intake is one of the most harmful ways to treat your bad mood. Initially the rush of simple carbs could feel good, but once that rush burns up (and it does so pretty fast), it has taken a big chunk of your anti-stress hormone, cortisol, and spiked your insulin causing a lot of damage to the body and brain. I know as well as anyone that it’s REALLY hard to stop eating sugar. I mean, it is in everything, right? Wrong. There are foods that you can eat that give you that “cheat day” feeling, without the “cheat day” results.

Now I am certainly not a body builder by any means, but I do know how terrible sugar and white starchy simple carbohydrates can be for the body and the brain. Putting them in the body is just begging for more stress and unnecessary pounds. So I am going to give you a couple of supplements that can help you quit eating sugar and help those cravings for candy go away. I am also going to tell you about some of my favorite snacks made without sugar that will help you with the gnarly cravings.

Glutamine and Chromium are supplements that if taken together, can do wonders to help fight off cravings. Chromium helps restore blood-sugar stability and eases the cravings for carbs after your blood-sugar levels drop. Glutamine is used by the brain as an emergency fuel when you haven’t eaten recently. Glutamine is a glucose substitute that will stop the impulse to buy sweets or gorge on white flour carbs when your blood-sugar runs low. The combination of these too special supplements will be sure to kick out the need for sweet treats.

If you are still feeling like you want some of that sweet or starchy stuff in a moment of weakness… I gotchu family. Here is my top 5 no harm no foul foods that will absolutely help with the times where you just can’t help yourself:

  1. Sea Salt Kettle Chips

I will be the first to admit that I will gorge on these bad boys all day. They have absolutely no sugar and are super delicious. But again, make sure it’s the bag that you see above, or else you are eating sugar. This is one of my favorite no sugar finds.

2. Simple Mills Crunchy Cinnamon Cookies

These are an absolute GOD SEND for me. They are sweet, tasty, and go great with a glass of cold vanilla almond milk. Another great find, and again, no sugar. The secret to these is that they use maple syrup instead of sugar. Sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, agave, and stevia DO NOT break down like sugar does in the body. These sweeteners will release glucose into the bloodstream more steadily without spiking your insulin or effecting cortisol directly, which is the primary problem contributing to stress and weight gain.

3. LuLu’s Organic 68% Cacao Chocolate Bar

In the mood for chocolate? Do you want all of benefits of arginine without the empty calories? LuLu’s 68 Organic Chocolate Bar is delicious, and you won’t miss out on the sweetness and flavor that a regular chocolate bar gives you without the sugar. Keep in mind these aren’t “sugar-free”. These products are made with sweeteners that are healthier for your body, and Lulu’s chocolate is a fan favorite!

4. Oogave Organic Root Beer

If you are looking to get a soda, try this Organic agave sweetened root beer. To me, it tastes a lot better than all of the sugary brands, and trust me, I’m definitely a root beer snob! This one brand blew me away at the first taste, and they even have other flavors like cream soda and cola.

5. Hail Mary Coconut Bites

These things are REDONKULUS!!! My favorite flavor is a toss up between cookie dough and sea salt and caramel. You cannot go wrong with these, and they will absolutely be sure to satisfy any sugar cravings without the refined sugar.

Between, the glutamine, chromium and sweet sugarless snacks I uncovered in this article, you should have all of the necessary information to get sugar out of your life for good. And with the sugar component being overcome, you should feel a big shift in energy levels and have a healthier, happier mood.

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-Written by Nick Stonestreet