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The Exhausted Adrenals & The Ultimate Brain Balance Starter Kit

Many people that have PTSD suffer from a constant state of being on edge due to low cortisol levels. The adrenal glands play a big role in a lot of mood and mental disorders. Do you feel on edge a lot of the time? Like you are in constant “red alert”? You might be suffering from low cortisol as well.

Another indicator of this could be emotional exhaustion due to a stressful job, family issues, or relationship struggles. If you feel deplete of energy or suffer from low cortisol and PTSD, this could cause random outbursts of aggression. Have you ever just SNAPPED on someone because you felt overly agitated or annoyed, even though they hardly did anything to antagonize this reaction?

This is a classic example of your adrenals not producing enough cortisol and can be fixed in a few ways.

Studies show that a combination of these three amino acids can restore depleted brain chemical levels to stabilize false moods and PTSD:

  • GABA
  • 5HTP
  • Tyrosine

These three amino acids are essential in balancing serotonin (5HTP), refueling the catecholamines from the adrenals (Tyrosine), and reducing neuronal excitability in the nervous system (GABA). All three of them used together are a great starting point for ultimate brain chemical balance.

I, personally am an avid user of GABA to relax at night. I take a water soluble formula from a brand that I trust which can be purchased down below. I apply three squirts under my tongue before bed to ensure relaxation and put my nerves to rest after a long day.

 Buy a bottle from here: and before going to sleep at night squirt 3 pumps underneath your tongue, let it sit for 15 seconds and then swallow. Effects should take place immediately. 

The serotonin I receive through taking Tryptophan, but 5HTP works just as well. You can learn more from an earlier post: Caffeine, Cocaine and The Blood Brain Barrier… How Doctors Turn Depression Into Dollar $igns

And as for the Tyrosine, it can have the same effect as coffee in the morning. The Tyrosine molecules stimulate your catecholamines and give your body and brain the awake alertness that your body needs to stay focused and productive. You can find another post about tyrosine here: Tyrosine: The Supplemental Anti-Depressant

Anyway, the point is; whether you have a lot of stress in your life, PTSD, or just want the peace that comes with balanced neurochemistry; these three amino acids can give you the nutritional support to start developing a balanced and healthy life.

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